I Can’t Leave Him Alone

In Uncategorized on September 2, 2009 at 12:58 am

According to 50 Cent has asked Ciara to Marry him now i don’t know how true this might be but if it is True then Congrats for them they are a Cute couple…What do you guys think of this??

  1. they seem like a odd couple to me.
    idk how ciara can go from LIL bow wow
    to "mr. i been shot 9 times" 50 cent lol

  2. .Dang; I didn't even kno they was going out.

  3. they ain't gettin married, and can u please! follow my blog, im following yours.

  4. i don't know about this…if MTO said it lol

  5. Like your blog Neesh, keep it up. 50 got it done if all that's true haha.

  6. they are a sucha cute couple.

  7. 50 cent is a wankster… he's shit… his time is up… he doesnt deserve Ciara… we're gonna post a rant about that gay muthafucker soon

  8. okay so according to Necole bitchie they are not getting thats good..well guess your wrong Media

  9. Fiddy will never Marry Ci Ci. Im Just saying. He just got out of a bullshit settlement with his baby mother. 50 loves the lifestyle, the hoes, the cars, and the clothes too much. He aint leaving it for her, or any other woman yet.

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