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Starting Off With Chris Who will be formally sentenced today, after pleading guilty June 22nd to assault charges stemming from his February 8th altercation with Rihanna.But Dont Worry Don’t think we will see him in a Jumpsuit anytime soon he was given a plea bargain that will likely result in a sentence of five years probation, about 1,400 hours in Community Services.

Julez Santanna arrested today for domestic abuse. According to reports, Julez allegedly threatened to kill his wife, and that this was all done in front of her Child. So I Think The True Question is When Did Juelz Get Married Tho??? Don’t Believe the Hype he doesn’t have a Wife..Since…Reports Surface He has been Released

So i am Now A True Blood Fan My Mom Got Me Hooked (this past Week)..The Premium Cable Network’s Sunday night blood-sucking smash, True Blood, had 5.3 million viewers tuning in to this week’s episode The ratings for Show were up 20% from the week prior, which had 4.5 million viewers.

Housewives Scandal…According to NeNe Leakes new book, it was said Kim tried to steal Ed Hartwell from Lisa.Okay To Me These Ladies are like Caddy little Teenagers Like They are all Grown With Children and Continue to Act up all the Time and i Think NeNe is Always trying get something started..Imma Go outta line here But i Like Kim she is the best on the Show besides Kandi i think the others need to do a little more Growing up..I use to like them all Before this Season Way too much Drama But Good For Tv Tho…

Hit Me Up With Your Thoughts About the News Think Me What you Think…

  1. Hey I'm definitly following you return the favor nice blog

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    thanks for the comment love lol'
    this blog is hit
    nd tht drake sproof video is rly funny ..

    keep it up

  3. ohh yea woops.. im following noww…

  4. officially following* =]

    btw howd u find my blog.. just curious


  6. the blog is dope so we followed, can you follow us?

  7. i think am just about the only person thats not a the true blood bandwagon. I think am going to give it a try and see if its really as good as everyone is making it seem

  8. nice blog follow me also

  9. Ha lucky ass Chris, u either gotta be a celebrity of a cop to blow thru trials…smh. Great blog I'm following.

  10. love ur blog too…ima floolw u..return the love lol

  11. i love RHOA lil lisa is my favorite i think Kim is a lieing sack of junk that wears way too much make-up and smokes too many cigs lol okay that was nice but yeah a lot of the stuff is done for entertainment but the two i could live without is sheree and kim the rest are pretty okay

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