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First Off Before i Start I was reading on a Blog that Estelle “The American Boy” Singer Is Suppose to be Beefing With Rihanna okay i wasn’t goin to talk about it but people are Bashing Rihanna and i don’t like it Cleary the song is Hott So For people to Say Estelle Would’ve done better R Just Crazy and To me it’s stupid because i for One haven’t heard anything else from Estelle and Rihanna is doin Big Things right now She don’t even have an Album out or anything and she gets talked about everyday nine/ten she’s on every blog or every website so..That shows That Their is No Compasion Rihanna Cleary is The BEST..Heres The Video We Been Waiting For..I Got it Just A Day Early you can wath it here or Wait to see it Thursday Night..So Enjoy

Jamie Foxx Digital Girl With Drake,West And Dream…Dope Song..”Who’s That Peeking in My Window” Drake is The Best…

Fabolous And Jay-Z When The Money Goes Video

So What Do Yall Think Of The New Videos..And How And What Yall Feel About The Estelle And Rihanna Thing?? Feel Free To Speak your Mind..

  1. your blog is hott deff.. following =)

    check out -HotTopics*; and let me know what you think follow if ya like it thanks!!

  2. Great videos

  3. cool!

  4. Estelle _^
    Rihanna ^_________________________________________^

    My thoughts….and that Jay Z video was boring. Love Rih though.

  5. I was reminded of the California Love video in "Run this Town". Just sorta reminded me of it with that rebel feel it has to it.

  6. luvin the blog I follow you

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