Chris And Models Plus He’s A Changed Man

In Uncategorized on August 15, 2009 at 12:10 am

Chris Brown was spotted at Skateland in Northridge Cali last night where he kicked it with models Brittany Dailey and singer Brandy Moreno. Outside, the paparazzi caught up with Chris and the first thing they asked him was did he still love Rihanna. He responded by awkwardly looking away and then down at his phone before walking inside.

Speaking of Rihanna, a new song by Chris Brown leaked last night titled “Changed Man” that seems to be directed at Rihanna. In the first verse of the song, Chris sings “They looking at you and telling you we need to break it off/You need to choose what to do. It’s you and me in love/ but I’m about to show the world that I’m a changed man” followed by the Chorus “I’m doing all that I can/and everybody hates Chris/They can never understand”. The kicker is at the end when he whispers “It Ain’t Over”

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