i Rock The Mic

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So I was Viewing some Sites When i came across this “Who is Sicker on the Mic”..The First Thing i thought before i even finished reading it was Weezy Of Course but then i thought Fab Be Having some sick Bars too So imma Leave it up to Yall Who yall think Flow Better on the Mic?

  1. thnx 4 tha comment i appreciate it i followed u plzz return the favor

  2. Fabolous all day, everyday!

  3. as of right now wayne and fab are the same because fab new album (loso's way) is dope got it the other day i even have the cater 3. So 2 me they are the same. but lil wayne iz still the best rapper alive. dont get it twistted

  4. g

  5. yo weezy all day. Fab is nice but he truly just doesn't compare.

  6. Im from BKLYN So Imma hold Fab down all day! BUT! Whezzy really has taken over the rap game. Its so hard to compare the two. As lyricist their styles are soooo different there for its really hard to compare. They are both on top of the game at many diff levels!

  7. fabo is way better, hey follow my blog please

  8. weeezy is of course because what ever lil wayne does is off the top of his head !and its great !fab thinksabout it and its great soo..lil wayne dont have to write his!

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