Jeezy Talks Sneakers

In Uncategorized on August 2, 2009 at 6:34 pm

I Don’t Wear Adidas but these are okay..Yall Like These Sneakers

  1. Sure! You can do the same

  2. following you should return the favor 😉

  3. following…follow back i guess…
    and nice blog btw!

  4. You follow blog
    and then i will follow yours!

  5. Love Da Shoes They R Dope!!!!

    Hey everbody come check out my blog and leave comments and follow plz…

  6. hey, fresh blog check out mine as well> Dem YoungEntertainment>

    how did u get loads of followers?

  7. aye BlacqLinks Entertainment i tryed leaving a comment but i couldnt find yo thing but it take alot of and idk just put your blog out their

  8. ass. i dont think they gonna be decent. adidas cant just come out wit a decent sneak. should've tried it wit nike. comments thank you.

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