iJerk…They Jerk

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2009 at 2:14 am

i Just Thought i Should blog about this cuz i know we have some jerkers or plp that love the songs and Dances…Shout Outs To The Ranger$ They Stay Killin Who Yall Favorite Jerk Group?

  1. Sexc boys!!!

    follow me!!!

  2. hey diggin ur blog..follow me on my blog!!

  3. lol i like the rangers!

  4. this is pretty cool stuff, but what is a jerk group? (:

  5. follow me at

  6. rangers as always my personal favorite of the rangers cj and julian
    shoutout to the swagtoons of marvel universe from my school

  7. i luv dis video
    dey my favorite jerkin group

    but u follow me 1st then i follow u

  8. PRanger$ are my fave, and The Rejectz cum after them! iStay geekED UP never been A rETARd! Haha!

  9. Somebody help sofia(: out…lol…and Gadgets and Fashion yo blog is Madd Dope yo…and i need to go check out the Rejectz i never heard of them..

  10. Dang the rangers always kill it!
    Super fresh! And I like your page follow me!!

  11. ranger$ baby they the hardest to bad they dropped ceejay o big ups to jinc ent bad chick alert AYAY! CHEK my vids on youtube

  12. ranger$ are the best out right noe on and jinc ent bad chick alert AY! AY! HIT UP MY YOUTUBE.COM/DENEEA3444 IM FOLLOWIN HIT UP MY BLOG AND RETURN THE LOVE

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