Anything They Can Do i Can Do Better

In Uncategorized on July 18, 2009 at 2:42 am

Rihanna is My Favorite i Dont Care What She Do Im Still Gon Like Her…I bet Cassie’s somewhere singing Kelis’s “I Hate You So Much Right Now”.By the way, Rihanna is BAD! Why do I have a feeling she’s about to pull an Amber Rose!

Who Do Yal Think Rock The Shaved Hair The Best?? Rihanna Or Cassie

  1. Rihanna.. cassie looks weirdd..

  2. to me i think rihanna is rockin that style the best lol

  3. daang.. I had no idea Rihanna did this. Not a lot of people could pull this off though, so I guess she doesn't look all that bad. I know what you mean, I think shaving her head is around the corner. lol

  4. cassie got her hands down!

  5. i think rihanna's looks best because rihanna is a trendsetter…..

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    Rene [T.S.P]

  6. lol ri-ri deff pulled this off wayyyy better than cassie!
    cassie looks like she went thru chemo on one side of her head.

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