Mario’s Back

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2009 at 11:06 pm

What Do yall Think ABout Mario New Look Hot Or Not??

  1. i used to love mario, and then he disappered or somethihn

  2. hey yu.!!im sorry i didnt get bak early n thankx 4 dA Comment;;n urs is so freakin awesome;;byez.!

  3. really like ur blog. Good Job.

  4. this dude went from braids to clean cut to bald. WTF.

  5. mario looks like a a martian lol…thanx for hittin me up

  6. not. shouldn't have cut his hair.
    your blog is pretty dope. for music check out some of kid cudi's mixtapes! he goes super duper hard! haha.
    check out my blog at:

  7. dnt lyk his new look.

    but luvv the blog. i'll b sure to follow

    do the same if u diggin ma blog.

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