Shave Me Bald…Well At least Half

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2009 at 5:17 am

Seems like the half-shaved head is now becoming a trend all thanks to Cassie. And I must say, I think certain celebs can pull it off. When I first read that Carmen Electra had joined the club, I wasn’t too surprised. I mean, c’mon…If you ever watched an episode of Carmen and Dave Navarro’s reality show, “Till Death Do Us Part, you know what I mean. She’s a wild child!!

Who else joined the club? Lala from MTV. I wonder who’s next?!

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  2. so i know alot of ppl arent feelin the half shaved head thing but…i actually like it! not sure if it should be the next big trend but its working for them so hey. why not? lol

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  4. I Did not kno that all these celebs started doing this look. I knew about cassie but definitely not Carmen. Well good for her, its somethin new to talk about. follow me at

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  6. cassie is a beast.

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  12. man cassie looks like she got a cut from my barber!! im kind of liking these hairstyles though i guess.

    im about to follow your blog. you should check mine and do the same.

  13. These hairstyles are HOT!!!!(Especially on "LaLa"). Anyway keep posting hot pics and informing us on the newest and hottest trendsetting hairstyles. Follow me at Ttyl Neesh….

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